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Tours of Oman

Aquatic hike

Wadis are an ecological system unique in their number and diversity. An aquatic hike will make you discover splendid landscapes traversed by canyons more beautiful ones than the others

Discover Oman

A complete discovery of the main points of interest of Northern Oman: Wadi Bani Awf, Jebel Shams, Nizwa, the Wahiba Desert, Sur, the Ras Al Had Turtle Reserve, the tadis, and the Sea of Oman.

Discover Oman (Comfort)

Complete discovery of the main points of interest of Northern Oman with charming accommodations: oasis of mountains, Grand Canyon, Wahiba desert, wadis, turtles, and days of idleness in a seaside hotel.

Discovery of Dhofar

A complete discovery of the main points of interest of northern Oman: Wadi Bani Awf, Jebel Shams, Nizwa, the Wahiba Desert, Sur, the Ras Al Had Turtle Reserve, the Wadis, and the Sea of Oman.

Geology in eastern Hajar

A short trip that presents a geological singularity to discover the main elements of the Omani rock formation: ophiolites, pillow lava, indigenous, transgressive, Hawasina, etc.

Jebels and wadis of Oman

One of our favorites!
A very sporty trip, well off the beaten path, which takes us through remote mountain oases and the Wadis' white water. For confident and enduring hikers.

Great discovery of Oman

Discover Oman differently: oasis, salt desert, giant dunes of Rub Al Khali, mysterious Huqf rocky chaos, Khaluf white desert, wadis. Easy trip with adventure in secret and remote places.

Great crossing of Oman

An easy circuit, and real adventure to cross Oman from North to South: lush Wadis and giant dunes of Rub al Khali, arid mountains of Eastern Hajar to those of Dhofar who receive the monsoon.

White desert & wadis

From Nizwa, and through the white desert, we take you to a wonderful and still unspoiled desert. To refresh, you will swim in the turqouise water wadis.

Great trek of Oman

A very sporty trip for experienced hikers. Sporting hikes and easy canyon descents with few days of rest to walk all the mountains of Hajar.

Rub Al Khali's dunes (2)

The Desert Desert, the Empty Quarter, or the Rub Al Khali: so many mysterious names for the great desert of Arabia. A real immersion in this mythical desert, immense and wild.

Sea, wadis, turtles and desert

A quiet circuit that makes us discover the region of Sharqiyah, which is full of surprises. Coral reefs, wadis with turquoise waters, green turtles, and Wahiba desert.

Mountains and desert

A beautiful moderate level trek in two parts: first the steep mountains of Western Hajar, then the white dunes of the Khaluf desert. Aquatic hike in Wadi Bani Khalid on return.

Omani hiking

Complete tour, sporty but possible, to discover by walking various facets of Oman: dunes of the White Desert of Khaluf, the lush wadis of Oriental Hajar, and the abrupt relief of Western Hajar.

Crossing the eastern Hajar

From the sea to the desert, 2 days of canyoning and 2 days of hiking to cross this beautiful mountain range. Discover 3 very different wadis, whose basins and palm groves contrast with Selmah.

Oman's Wadis

A very fun stay with classic hikes, swimming and water excursions not too difficult to see the 4 most beautiful Wadis of the Sharqiyah. Beach hotel and camp in the desert.

Wadi Sahtan & Wadi Bani Awf

A beautiful circuit with hiking and canyoning accessible for the majority of hikers, which allows to discover the 2 most beautiful valleys of Hajar Occidental, with canyons and villages.

Trek in the mountains of Dhofar

Known in ancient times as Arabia Blessed or Green Arabia, in reference to its mountains covered with woods and pastures or grazing cows and camels, An original setting for a trek in Arabia

Trekking and canyoning in Western Hajar

A rich and varied route that brings us from Wadi Bani Awf to Wadi Mistal via Jebel Akhdar. Short transfers allow us to make the most beautiful hikes in the area.

Culture and mountains (*)

A complete discovery of the highlights of Northern Oman : Wadi Bani Awf, Jebel Shams, Nizwa, Wahiba Sands, Sur, the Turtle Reserve at Ras Al Had, the Wadis, and the Sea Of Oman.